Focus on Dominical Scott Purcell Prime Trust


Dominical, Scott Purcell Prime Trust — Not the most popular destination location for tourist”y” places to see, but more so one of Central America’s best kept secrets. Dominical has become quite popular of the past number of years for foreigners looking to buy that second home away from home or for some one just looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life back home. Often referred to as the sleepy surf village, Dominical is about to experience the biggest business boom since it’s inception. Why? Well over the coming months, the highway from Dominical to Quepos will be completely asphalted for the first time making the trip to Quepos from Dominical possible in a mere 25 minutes rather than the average 2 hours it use to take. The completion of this project will mark a milestone in Dominical’s history. Now when tourists visit Costa Rica they won’t be told to avoid the trip to Dominical because of hazardous road conditions and in the process, increasing tourist activity from Quepos, Manuel Antonio and Jaco in to Dominical and the rest of the Southern Zone.

We have already, over the past year, seen big changes in Dominical. The beach road connecting Main St. Dominical with the Beach Road is now widened to support two lanes of traffic coming to and from Dominical beach. A few new office buildings have been erected in Dominical also over the past few months. It is expected that the Main St. Dominical …


Win a seat to the 2008 메이저사이트from Bodog


Are you a poker savvy blogger with an eye on the World Series of 메이저사이this year? Bodog’s got your back!

POKER BLOGGERS: Qualify by entering the Bodog Blogger Tournament Series on Tuesday nights. Secure your spot now here: Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament Series.

NOT A POKER BLOGGER? Anybody can qualify to win a WSOP 2008 seat here. There are multiple ways to qualify: work your way up and build Tournament Credits for other qualifiers, blast through a Turbo Quarterfinal or two… Or just buy right into the Semifinal for $250. Low on cash? No worries. Bodog offers a cheap seat route to the WSOP tournaments for $1.50.

WHEN:Bodog is guaranteeing at least three other $12,000 Main Event prize packages weekly through its “Main Event Semifinal” tournaments. Qualifiers are running daily and all lead to the three weekly Main Event Semifinal tournaments held on Tuesdays (7:15 p.m. EST), Thursdays (9:15 p.m. EST) and Saturdays (3:15 p.m. EST). Players can also buy-in directly to the Main Event Semifinals for $250 + $20. Each Main Event Semifinal will award at least one $12,000 Main Event prize package, which includes the $10,000 buy-in to the WSOP main event, and $2,000 for travel expenses.

Carlos Mortensen became the first player ever to win both a WPT Championship and a WSOP Main Event when he prevailed at the Bellagio on Friday.  Mortensen didn’t disappoint his fans who have come to rely on, not only his fabulous play, but his ability to construct architectural …


Pro 먹튀사이트Blogs


The renowned ‘먹튀사이brat’ discusses his online poker play, more poker orientated then Daniels blog (you can even join his official fan club if that’s your thing 😉 )

Million Dollar Cash Game

The first Episode of Full Tilt Poker’s ‘million dollar cash game’ was broadcast on sky 2 last night (in the UK) 11 players all buy in with $100,000 and 2 of them (Phil IVey and Chris Ferguson?) buy in for $200k. Players can also rebuy in at any time.

Unlike the ‘High Stakes Poker’ TV series in the US this series focuses much more on poker and the strategies taken by each player rather than the drama of the poker table. Even though each player ‘only’ brings $100k to the table we have been promised some pots reaching up to $750,000!

Players include: Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson, Jennifer Harman, Howard Lederer, Allen Cunningham, Gus Hansen, Erik Seidel, Erick Lindgren, and John Juanda along with Roland de Wolfe, Patrik Antonius, Marc Goodwin, and Tony G.

bet365 poker review

bet365 is a huge sports betting company based in the UK (the UKs 32nd largest private company) since then it has expanded in to online casinos and finally online poker.

Although the company is based in the UK they still offer membership to worldwide members, although the member base is pretty UK heavy.


New players get 150% on their first deposit up to a huge $600! you will also get the standard monthly bonus points for …


Some pragmatic play Quotes

We all have our heroes and people we look up to. Whether it be in “real life” or on the pragmatic play game floor, there are people who consider our role models.

To the countless online gamblers all over the world – but to those in the United States mainly – October 13, 2006 was indeed Friday the 13th. Two weeks ago, President Bush nailed the coffin shut on Internet gambling transactions when he signed the port security bill to which is attached the Unlawful Internet

What Does P Stand For? (Part 2)

Here we are again and we are going to pick up where we left off last time. Just to recap a little bit, we talked about mnemonics and how they can be applied to poker. The five P’s of poker, that’s what we started talking about in the last post.

What Does P Stand For?

Obviously it stands for Poker. I don’t know where man’s tendency to make use of mnemonics came from but I have seen and experienced it all my life. In school, professors always used to say “Remember the 3 T’s” – or whatever other letter.

Know When To Quit

Quitters never win, or so they say. Our society has had this notion of never quitting in any endeavor one gets involved in. The never say die attitude has a strong solid place in most any culture. Yet does it have a place in poker?

Last post we talked about some of the most …


Championship Stud event lures big names

Since its debut in the early ’70s, the Seven-Card Stud event at the WSOP has been a must-play for the world’s best Judi Online pros. That’s why it only made sense to add the storied game to the new WSOP Championship Event Series. Undoubtedly, this will be one of the most-talked-about events this year.

Last year, Phil Ivey looked the favorite to win the tournament and add another Seven-Card Stud bracelet to his collection.

However, he ran into a hot Chris Reslock and eventually lost…


Other players have shown up for a hand or few here and there, but for the most part, today’s action was mainly between Ziigmund and Patrik Antonius. The latest and largest pot between the two was a $109,795 pot in favor of Ziigmund.

Day 9 Two, Two and Two

Before we get into today’s events: Last night two more bracelets were won. The first going Matt Keikoan for winning Event 7. The $2000 NL-Hold’em event brought out 1,592 players and a prize pool just under $2.9 million.

Place Player Chip Count 1 Matt Keikoan $550,601 2 Shannon Shorr $349,141 3 Carter Gill $228,897 4 Theo Tran $191,231 5 Mihai Manole $155,013 6 Chris Bjorin $123,141 7 J.C….

Bodog offers five more WSOP seats Sunday

The Main Event Semifinal is schedule for 3:15 p.m. ET, and Bodog Poker is guaranteeing World Series of Poker prize packages for the tournament.

Those packages, worth $12,000, include the buy-in for the $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event plus $2,000 …


Schmidl89 wins Online Casino Malaysia Turbo Takedown


The 12,000 player entry limit was indeed met, and after just over 9 hours of play Schmidl90 took down the Online Casino Malaysia Turbo Takedown for May

1st Schmidl89 $100,000

2nd Pokerguden $60,000

3rd L_Sprewell $40,000

4th biggboss120 $32,500

5th nevada_nl $25,000

A notable finish for ch0ppy in 17th (a former PokerStars Sunday Million winner), cashing $2500

The unluckiest man of the evening title goes to kendo217, who finished on the bubble in 4001st place (particularly annoying no doubt in such a wide-payment (1/3 of field) system).

None other than crosscourtbh (poker nuts will remember him) finished one further out in 4002nd place

Turbo Takedown of Stars

The first of the planned monthly “Turbo Takedown” tournaments on PokerStars is this evening. As we speak only 500 out of the 12,000 spots are left, so it looks very likely to fill completely

Out of the 12,000 entrants, 4000 get paid. A whopping 1/3 of the field.

The buy-in is 5000 FPPs (Frequent Player Points), and there is a $1,000,000 Prizepool. The 1st prize is $100,000

As I say, this is going to be a monthly event, so if you dont make it tonight, look out for it next month

PokerStars raises money for China

PokerStars are very generously matching all donations by its players towards the relief effort following the recent earthquake and devistation in China. You can donate by simply registering for a pseudo tournament in the PokerStars Special Tournament Lobby. You can donate anything from $1 up to …


Poker Bloggers Fotolog… Updated!!

My latest project: https://bursa303.city Bloggers Fotolog has been updated with a picture from Liquid Swords: From Guppy to Shark bringing the total to four pics posted!

If you are a new reader or a new poker blogger, I wanted to come up a forum where I could put faces to the names & websites. So far we have four of us up on my Poker Bloggers Flog… and soon we’ll have a dozen more! So send me your  (poker related or not… you choose) and a brief bio and I’ll post it!

By the way, Liquid Swords is taking a mini break from playing… among other things to work on his: Poker Comic. Check it out!

Hit Me Paris… Another HDouble Adventure

HDouble once again made me laugh with his latest (non-poker) paragraph: Don’t you wish you lived near Beverly Hills?

Here’s what he wrote: “I probably came as close to hitting the jackpot as I ever will walking to lunch at work yesterday. As we were crossing the street, a black Mercedes SUV rolled up, and I was staring at Paris Hilton, who was 2 feet in front of me. I yelled to my co-worker “Push me in front of that car!”, but the driver sped up, and blew threw the stop sign before I could wedge myself under the tire. Man that girl is ugly.”

Fish Fry: HDouble Style!

Just read a great blog from HDouble about his trip this wekeend to the “border” to shakedown elderly fish …


Senate Pension Hearings


Yesterday’s post mentioned the New York Times story on United Airlines’ delay of contributions to its defined benefit pension plans – allowed because of the peculiar “crediting” system of allowing past contributions to count toward current requirements, even if the assets have evaporated into thin air.

It was an interesting real-life illustration of what the Government Accountability Office discussed in their report on chronic underfunding of these plans. Yesterday, Senate hearings were chaired by Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, and an analysis of the United situation was offered by Bradley Belt, the executive director of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

According to Belt:

“During the period from 2000 onward, when the true funded status of each of the company’s pension plans was deteriorating and the financial health of the company was becoming more precarious, the company:

* put little if any cash into the plans;

* rarely made a deficit reduction contribution;

* never provided any notices of underfunding to participants; and

* almost never paid a variable rate premium.

Yet the company still could claim that their plans were “fully funded” on a current liability basis.”

You know the rest of the story: United dumped its severely underfunded plans on the PBGC, which is chest-deep in underfunded plans and will need a bailout of its own. Belt pinned the blame not so much on the company, but on the nonsensical rules on “credits” for previous contributions and the smoothing mechanism for averaging pension assets and obligations. (For determining …


Forex Money Making Products – Do They Really Work?

Foreign exchange markets – they have been touted as some of the hardest to conquer and succeed in, but for those who have done it correctly, huge profits are abound. This unique market is able to offer investors opportunities which they would never find elsewhere. However, whilst large amounts of money can be earned, equally large amounts of money can be lost. For this reason, you need to know what you are doing.

This is where Forex moneymaking products come in. A simple search on Google will provide you with hundreds of thousands of results for moneymaking systems, automatic trading platforms, trading robots, chart analysing tools, technical analysis tools, and so on. It seems that there is an endless array of products out there targeted at the Forex trader, all offering lucrative returns and profits.

The reality is that most of these do not work. After all, if they did, we would have millions of millionaires all around the world as a result of foreign exchange.

We don’t. And therefore, if you are to succeed in this industry, you need to save your money, and spend it on a reliable, trustworthy Forex moneymaking product.

Are There Any Decent Ones?

Given that blunt an abrupt introduction, you’re probably left wondering whether or not there are any decent moneymaking Forex programs out there. Indeed, the good news is that there are. It’s just a matter of finding them.

Recently, we did a quick test of the prop trader industry, analysing and comparing …


Jean pocket Pairs in 8g88: What exactly they are & How to help Play Them



In often the range of all beginning hands in Hold’em, jean pocket pairs are probably often the most interesting group to help look at. For the reason that that particular category can come to be very effective when played out correctly, and also can put a serious drop inside your profits if you strategy it wrong.

The way well do you realize your own pocket pairs throughout online poker? Learn how for you to use them to your advantage.

In this post, we’ll test to dissect often the strategy behind playing bank account sets in poker. We definitely seem into some of the most profitable ranges along with these hands as in fact as some of the largest mistakes you should try to prevent at all costs.

When you’re completing a newcomer to texas Holdem, let’s briefly explain exactly what the term “pocket pair” actually means.

In online poker, when you get a couple of cards of the same ranking, such as 2-2 or perhaps A-A, you happen to be dealt out a pocket couple. Of course, the value regarding these hands is definitely widely different, but they belong to the same extensive category that I will certainly cover today.

Forms of Wallet Pairs & Their particular Values

A majority of texas Holdem guides and various other teaching resources recognize three primary subgroups of pocket frames, specifically:

Premium pocket twos (usually JJ – AA)

Medium-sized pockets (77 ~ TT)

Small pocket sets (66 …