Focus on Dominical Scott Purcell Prime Trust


Dominical, Scott Purcell Prime Trust — Not the most popular destination location for tourist”y” places to see, but more so one of Central America’s best kept secrets. Dominical has become quite popular of the past number of years for foreigners looking to buy that second home away from home or for some one just looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life back home. Often referred to as the sleepy surf village, Dominical is about to experience the biggest business boom since it’s inception. Why? Well over the coming months, the highway from Dominical to Quepos will be completely asphalted for the first time making the trip to Quepos from Dominical possible in a mere 25 minutes rather than the average 2 hours it use to take. The completion of this project will mark a milestone in Dominical’s history. Now when tourists visit Costa Rica they won’t be told to avoid the trip to Dominical because of hazardous road conditions and in the process, increasing tourist activity from Quepos, Manuel Antonio and Jaco in to Dominical and the rest of the Southern Zone.

We have already, over the past year, seen big changes in Dominical. The beach road connecting Main St. Dominical with the Beach Road is now widened to support two lanes of traffic coming to and from Dominical beach. A few new office buildings have been erected in Dominical also over the past few months. It is expected that the Main St. Dominical …