WPT American Showdown



Paul folds. Joe only checks his AdKh against Carter’s 6s4s. Carter bets 100K. Flop is 5h,Kc,7h. Joe goes all in on 270K. Carter folds, and Joe refuses to show his cards.


Carter’s got a KhTd and calls 40K. Joe folds. Paul Sr. has 8s3d to flop bottom pair on 3h,6d,As. He goes all in, 135K. Carter calls, wincing only slightly when they both reveal their cards. The turn’s 6h, to create a board pair. Carter needs an A or T. The river’s an A, booting Paul Sr. out at 3rd position. Poppa’s conservative play doesn’t pay off, leaving the Trading Spaces boys in the finals.


Carter’s got 9s4d and calls 20K. Joe’s got Kh3s but raises 100K. Carter calls. Flop is Jd,9d,Jh. Advantage, Carter. Joe goes all in with 185K, bluffing. Carter calls. The turn is 10s. Joe’s holding in. The river is a K. Joe outdraws and wins the pot. What luck. He’s got the slight chip lead now.


Ante’s up to 10K. Joe raises 260K on 8s8h. Carter calls 200K on Ac4s. The flop is 6s,Jc,7c. Carter bluffs and goes all in, $440K. Joe counts his chips, stalls for a long time, then folds. The bluff works.


Joe has Ad5d, calling 30K – Carter has Jc2c and raises. Joe goes all in on 330K. Carter calls. The flop is 9h,2d,8d. Carter flops a deuce, but Joe has a nut flush draw. The turn is 3c, so Joe has a straight …