Some pragmatic play Quotes

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We all have our heroes and people we look up to. Whether it be in “real life” or on the pragmatic play game floor, there are people who consider our role models.

To the countless online gamblers all over the world – but to those in the United States mainly – October 13, 2006 was indeed Friday the 13th. Two weeks ago, President Bush nailed the coffin shut on Internet gambling transactions when he signed the port security bill to which is attached the Unlawful Internet

What Does P Stand For? (Part 2)

Here we are again and we are going to pick up where we left off last time. Just to recap a little bit, we talked about mnemonics and how they can be applied to poker. The five P’s of poker, that’s what we started talking about in the last post.

What Does P Stand For?

Obviously it stands for Poker. I don’t know where man’s tendency to make use of mnemonics came from but I have seen and experienced it all my life. In school, professors always used to say “Remember the 3 T’s” – or whatever other letter.

Know When To Quit

Quitters never win, or so they say. Our society has had this notion of never quitting in any endeavor one gets involved in. The never say die attitude has a strong solid place in most any culture. Yet does it have a place in poker?

Last post we talked about some of the most common boo boos that newbies at the poker table commit. This was done with the hope that potential poker players or even those who are already playing but are relatively new to the game will be made aware of these practices that should be avoided

Admit it, any beginner at any game is bound to make mistakes. The key is to know what they are try to avoid them as much as possible. Texas Hold ’em – or any poker variant for that matter – is not exempt from beginner boo boos at the table.

You’ve probably heard this before but I’ll say it again, position is one of the crucial factors when playing poker. This is true not only of poker but of other card games as well. Since we’re on a roll about Texas Hold ‘em poker, all we’ll be talking about in this post

The ultimate goal of any poker player is to be the last man left standing – or maybe sitting in this case. However, one has to go through quite a lot before he can get there.

In the last post we talked about how to play shorthanded in Texas Hold ‘em and how a player has to adjust to the pace of the game even as players are getting booted off the table one by one. In some occasions, only two players are left facing each other.