Schmidl89 wins Online Casino Malaysia Turbo Takedown

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The 12,000 player entry limit was indeed met, and after just over 9 hours of play Schmidl90 took down the Online Casino Malaysia Turbo Takedown for May

1st Schmidl89 $100,000

2nd Pokerguden $60,000

3rd L_Sprewell $40,000

4th biggboss120 $32,500

5th nevada_nl $25,000

A notable finish for ch0ppy in 17th (a former PokerStars Sunday Million winner), cashing $2500

The unluckiest man of the evening title goes to kendo217, who finished on the bubble in 4001st place (particularly annoying no doubt in such a wide-payment (1/3 of field) system).

None other than crosscourtbh (poker nuts will remember him) finished one further out in 4002nd place

Turbo Takedown of Stars

The first of the planned monthly “Turbo Takedown” tournaments on PokerStars is this evening. As we speak only 500 out of the 12,000 spots are left, so it looks very likely to fill completely

Out of the 12,000 entrants, 4000 get paid. A whopping 1/3 of the field.

The buy-in is 5000 FPPs (Frequent Player Points), and there is a $1,000,000 Prizepool. The 1st prize is $100,000

As I say, this is going to be a monthly event, so if you dont make it tonight, look out for it next month

PokerStars raises money for China

PokerStars are very generously matching all donations by its players towards the relief effort following the recent earthquake and devistation in China. You can donate by simply registering for a pseudo tournament in the PokerStars Special Tournament Lobby. You can donate anything from $1 up to $100 using this method. PokerStars will then match all amounts donated and send the money to The Red Cross.

Getting the Mrs onside

Anyone who plays alot of poker, will probably know what it is like to get it in the ear from the Mrs/Girlfriend.   Poker can be very time consuming, particularly tournament play.  And the worst thing about tournaments is that if the Mrs wants to make plans, it is tough to say when exactly you will be free, because you could bust out in 10 mins time, or be playing for another 6 hours and win the damn thing (you lucksack!)

This, combined with things like foul moods following a particular bad beat ridden evening, makes it potentially far from harmonious on the homelife to be a poker junkie.

I think probably the best method to deal with it is to get them involved, in terms of playing a little.  You’ll often find that they find it quite enjoyable to play the occassional tournament.  Ask for them to take over (a cheaper buy-in!) once, and sit back and watch them get hooked 😉   Well, maybe it wont work every time, but you get the drift.

The only other advice I can give is to try play poker in a seperate room if possible (eg an office), and try to keep it seperate from the home life.  At least then the swearing doesnt interfere with their favorite TV program!

Good Luck, and hopefully you wont have to compromise on your playing time that much.  If you do, then only one phrase remains….under the thumb or what! 😉