New Spring 2016 Military Anime, Hai-Furi, Teams up with the Japanese Self Defense Force

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When it comes to anime partnerships, the Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF) is definitely no stranger to them, as they have previously partnered with military anime like Strike Witches, Girls und Panzer, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, GATE, and Kantai Collection. The new spring 2016 anime season also features one new military anime, and it is called High School Fleet, or Hai-Furi.

The new collaboration will feature collaboration recruitment posters and illustrations done by character designer, Naoto Nakamura. These posters and illustrations will help attract new recruits to serve the JSDF, much like their previous anime collaborations, like the one for GATE and Girls und Panzer.

Meanwhile, the naval branch of the JSDF, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF), is also actively promoting the anime about cute girls manning a destroyer.

おはようございます。いよいよ本日深夜 10日 0000i 横須賀を舞台に、海の安全を守る職業を目指す女の子たちを描く『はいふり』が始まります!https://t.co/FwVXmxghcu #はいふり pic.twitter.com/jzni3utXAZ

— 防衛省 海上自衛隊 (@JMSDF_PAO) April 8, 2016