Kantai Collection has now entered the rainy season as the ship girls take their umbrellas

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While admirals are finally getting a reprieve after a long battle in the quest to get Iowa, Kantai Collection finally enters their Rainy Season period. This offers a new opportunity for admirals to lick their woulds and get rid of all that salt. That being said, the ship girls have finally gotten their early summer CGs, and yes, it’s perfect for Japan’s rainy season.

And of course, the seasonal CGs won’t be complete without these three getting some for the season, right?

The new update also brings about some rain-themed furniture for the Admiral’s Office, as well as rainy day voice lines for several ship girls. Here is what my own Admiral’s Office looks like with Bono in her seasonal gear.

New quests have also been added, along with a new equipment. Additionally, the Accuracy stats for the 35.6 Twin and Triple Mounts are increased when they are equipped for the Kongou-Class Battleships.