Live-Action Full Metal Alchemist film’s cast finally unveiled

Fans have been rejoicing when the live-action film adaptation of Hiromu Arakawa’s Full Metal Alchemist manga was announced. hJust recently, the additional cast members who will be joining Ryosuke Yamada (Edward Elric) have finally been revealed, and they are:

  • Ryosuke Yamada as Edward Elric
  • Tsubasa Honda as Winry Rockbell
  • Dean Fujioka as Roy Mustang
  • Ryuuta Satou as Captain Maes Hughes
  • Yo Oizumi as Major Shou Tucker
  • Yasuko Matsuyuki as Lust
  • Kanata Hongou as Envy
  • Shinji Uchiyama as Gluttony

Fans might know Ryosuke Yamada from the live-action Assassination Classroom movies, where he plays the main character of Nagisa Shiota. Meanwhile, Envy will be played by Kanata Hongou, who previously appeared in the live-action Attack on Titan movies as Armin Arlert.  Tsubasa Honda, who plays Winry, previously appeared in the GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka live-action drama as Reimi Kanzaki. The voice for Alphonse Elric has yet to be revealed.

These are also some good news for fans of the mangas, because according to several sources, the live-action movie will be staying loyal to the original story, and not go down the Attack on Titan route and make a completely different story.

Ashita no Joe and Ping-Pong director, Fumihiko Sori, will be directing the movie, which is set to start filming from June to August 2016 in Italy, which certainly matches the European feel from the manga and anime adaptations. It is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2017.…


Live-Action Chihayafuru film’s trailer teases new Perfume song

The first of two live-action Chihayafuru films is set to premiere next month, and we are getting a preview of it thanks to a brand new trailer released by the TOHO Movie Channel, which also gives us a preview of the movie’s theme song.

Featuring the song titled “FLASH” by perfume, the trailer features several new footage from the upcoming film, which will star Suzu Hirose as the titular Chihaya Ayase. All three members of Perfume, Yuka Kashino (Kashiyuka), Ayaka Nishikawa (A-chan), and Ayano Oomoto (Nocchi), have admitted to be huge fans of Chihayafuru, while , the mangaka, Yuki Suetsugu, is admittedly a huge fan of the group in turn. “Flash” contains lyrics which are inspired by the game of Karuta, which any Chihayafuru fan will know, is central to the manga’s story.

The first film is titled Chihayafuru: Kami no Ku, and it is slated to premiere on 19 March 2016. The second movie, titled Chihayafuru: Shimo no Ku, will be shown in Japanese cinemas 0n 29 April 2016. As revealed earlier, the movie’s key visual image is inspired by the manga‘s second Tankoubon volume. You can watch the first trailer for the movies here:…


AKB48 Idol, Rina Kawaei, cast in Death Note 2016 live-action film

The latest live-action Death Note movie will be having multiple Death Notes at the same time (six in fact), and one of them will belong to the character being played by AKB48 Idol, Rina Kawaei.

Unfortunately, in the movie, she would be really different from how the fans know her in real life, as she will be one nasty villain who uses her Death Note to indiscriminately kill her victims. Her character is described as the worst Death Note-user out there.

The movie will be following a duel between Kira’s successor and L’s successor, who will both be battling over the six Death Notes that are currently in the human world. Actor Sousuke Ikematsu will be playing L’s successor, Ryuuzaki, who is also a master detective and he is related to the great detective himself. He and Kawaei will be joined by Masahiro Higashide, who plays Tsukuru Mishima, an investigator in the newly-formed “Death Note Unit,” and Masaki Suda, who plays Yuugi Shion, a cyber terrorist who idolizes Kira and uses his skills to find the six Death Notes.

Titled “Death Note 2016,” the film will be a sequel to the 2006 live-action adaptation of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s internationally acclaimed thriller manga, which is slated to premiere in the autumn of this year.…


News Clip Previews Live-Action Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi Movie

Much like the original manga and its anime adaptation, the live-action movie adaptation of ERASED, or Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi, is promising to keep audiences at the edges of their seats and wondering what will happen next. To keep fans excited for the film, Natalie has started streaming a clip from the movie itself, and it features Satoru, played by Live-Action Death Note’s Tatsuya Fujiwara, and Airi, played by Kasumi Arimura.

The manga follows struggling mangaka, Satoru Fujinuma, who has powers to rewind time, known as “Revival.” One day, he finds his mother murdered in his home, and must now use his “Revival” powers to solve the mystery of her death.

That mystery involves a girl named Kayo, who Satoru knew as a classmate back in grade school, and her death in the past will affect his life in the future. The movie’s cast will comprise of:

  • Tatsuya Fujiwara as Satoru Fujinuma
  • Kasumi Arimuraas Airi Katagiri
  • Yuriko Ishida as Satoru’s mother
  • Mitsuhiro Oikawa as Satoru’s elementary school teacher.
  • Rio Suzuki as Kayo Hinazuki
  • Tsubasa Nakagawa as Young Satoru
  • Tetta Sugimoto
  • Kento Hayashi
  • Seiji Fukushi
  • Kanna Mori

Meanwhile, March is shaping up to be a big month for the franchise, because not only will the manga end in March, but the live-action movie is slated to premiere on 19 March, just a few weeks removed from when the manga’s final chapter will be released. The manga itself has been nominated for the Manga Taisho Awards, and the …


Live-action Your Lie in April gets a new teaser trailer

Prepare your tissues ladies and gentlemen, because Your Lie in April, also known as Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, is getting a new movie. To brace your feels even further, the official TOHO movie channel has started streaming a new teaser trailer for the film, which introduces us to the two main characters, Kaori and Kousei.

The video reveals that the manga-based live-action film is slated to premiere in Japan on 10 September 2016. Based on Naoshi Arakawa’s critically acclaimed musical manga, the movie will star Kento Yamazaki (Live-action Death Note TV series’ L) as Kousei Arima, a genius pianist who has fallen out of grace since the death of his mother. He will be starring alongside Suzu Hirose (live-action Chihayafuru’s Chihaya) as Kaori Miyazono, a perky violinist whose cheerful and outgoing demeanor is hiding something tragic.

Both the manga adaptation and the anime adaptation have been well received by fans and critics alike, and both mediums have drawn tears from both viewers and readers. Hence, this live-action movie adaptation is promising to leave audiences in tears as well.

Hirose studied how to play a violin, while Yamazaki studied how to play a piano prior to filming to really draw out the skill of the two musicians. So, are your tissues ready?…


How not to be rude in movie theaters, as shown by Gundam’s Char and Garma

Movie theater etiquette is often something that has been broken for ages, with people bringing smartphones, cameras, or just having a loud conversation with their friend. However, Gundam is helping out some movie theaters with a new video, featuring Char Aznable and Garma Zabi, and teaching audiences what NOT to do while watching a movie.

The video features Char doing a few undesirable actions, from trying to record the movie, to having a loud conversation on the phone, to even kicking the seat in front of him. But as Garma played the straight man (tsukkomi) to Char’s idiot (bokke), he ain’t off the hook as well, as he was talking pretty loudly, which is a big NO in theaters.

The video also teases the upcoming Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky movie, which will act as the ONA’s “director’s cut edition,” and will feature new footage not included in the ONA episodes. It will be approximately 70 minutes long, and will be screened in 15 cinemas across Japan starting 25 June 2016.…


Director reveals more details on the live-action Full Metal Alchemist film

Hiromu Arakawa’s internationally best-selling manga series, Full Metal Alchemist, is getting adapted into a live-action movie which promises to stay loyal to the source manga. The film’s director, Fumihiko Sori, recently sat down with Oricon to discuss the movie.

In the interview, Director Sori revealed that unlike live-action film adaptations of popular manga titles like Rurouni Kenshin, Attack on Titan, and Chihayafuru, the story of the Elric brothers will be told in only one stand-alone movie, and remember, this movie promises to stay loyal to the source, so one might wonder how they will fit all of that story material in one feature-length film.

But while the movie promises to stay loyal, a few deviations are to be expected, and one of them is Edward Elric’s age. In the manga, Edward is only 15 years old. However, in the movie, to keep up with actor Ryosuke Yamada’s looks, he will take on the age of 20. Another change is the so-called “race-lift,” where the manga’s European characters are played by Japanese actors. However, Sori did promise that there won’t be scenes where the characters would identify themselves as Japanese.

Sori also admitted that he is a fan of the manga, and said that he really wanted to adapt the story into a movie himself. He said that he wants to “challenge Hollywood,” and will be using very good special effects to do so. He said that he will be using CG effects a lot in this film, and said …