Nestle Japan celebrates the love of tea with new Kit Kat flavors

Japan is known for its many unique Kit Kat flavors, the most popular of which is Matcha Green Tea. Now, Nestle Japan is giving us more than the usual Matcha Green Tea flavor with the release of their new “I LOVE TEA” series, which introduces us to five new tea-flavored Kit Kats.

These new flavors are:

Gyokuro, considered the highest quality of green tea in Japan, and is described to have a mellow flavor.

All five flavors will be sold in a 10-pack box set worth 2,484 yen. Each set will contain two packs of each flavor, and will be available in various Kit Kat Chocolatory stores starting 1 April. However, people who visit the Shinjuku Takashimaya store on 25 March will be able to purchase these chocolates before its official release date.

In the words of Kongou from Kantai Collection: “Always got to make time for tea-time!”…


Haiku Contest for otakus Features Hilarious Winning Entries

One of Japan’s greatest contributions to literature is the haiku, a type of poem which has 17 syllables in a five-seven-five pattern. A contest was recently held in Japan for haikus (not to be confused with the volleyball manga, Haikyuu!!), and it was held for otakus and was called the  11th “otaku senryu contest.”

The Top 10 winners received some very nifty cash prizes, and their poetry was all too hilarious, however, some of them hit too close to home. Here are the winners, as loosely translated by Rocket News 24 (Note that it’s nearly impossible to translate both the meaning and haiku format, so we opted to take some liberties with the 5-7-5 format in English.) (Note that it’s nearly impossible to translate both the meaning and haiku format, so they opted to take some liberties with the 5-7-5 format in English.):

#1. 100,000 yen prize

I turn off the computer
The beautiful woman disappears
Only my fat reflection fills the screen

#2. 50,000 yen prize

I have many hobbies
But talking to people
Is not one of them

#3. 50,000 yen prize

From my wallet
A ten-thousand yen bill disappears
Ah! And there goes another

#3. 10,000 yen prize

At the handshake event
The hot guy gets two minutes
Alas, I get five seconds

#5. 10,000 yen prize

The idea of buying something
On the spot, spur of the moment
Makes me laugh

#7. 10,000 yen prize

The year of Evangelion
Came and went
But the angels


Hatsune Miku also gets her own official marriage registration papers

Konin Todoke Seisakujo/Design Laboratory for Marriage Paperworks has been releasing official marriage papers for couples wanting to get married. After releasing their Sailor Moon Marriage Documents, it seems that they are expanding to the Vocaloid franchise.

In Japan, just handing a marriage registration to your local government office is enough for two people who love each other to get married, and no elaborate ceremonies, no rice throwing, no bouquet tosses, no priests, are required to be officially recognized as a married couple.

These new Hatsune Miku Marriage Documents are officially recognized by the Japanese government, which means that if you and your partner use these papers to file your marriage, it will be recognized. They come in two designs, “Hatsune Miku Loving Bride (Blue)” and “Hatsune Miku Loving Bride (Pink),” and both come in sets of three pages worth of documents for you and your bride to fill up. Each set of three documents cost 3,900 yen. These documents are illustrated by one of Miku’s most popular illustrators, KEI.

And if your order numbers ends in either 3 or 9, you will also get your own Hatsune Miku Bride clear file. The released last 9 March, or 3/9, which is Miku day!…


Evangelion Shinkansen continues campaign with new visual and bonuses

Last November, the JR West Sanyou Shinkansen line launched the Shinkansen Evangelion Project, which features a special train called the 500-type EVA, which comes complete with a life-size cockpit from the 1995 classic anime.

The train is running until March 2017, and it is launching a new promotion, as well as new campaign bonuses. Heck, it’s even gotten itself a new visual!

The new promotion aims to attract kids during the spring break period into riding the Eva Shinkansen, and they will be giving away limited edition button badges to parents who accompany their elementary school children in the period between 15 March and 17 April 2016.

The train stops in Okayama Prefecture, and has a tie-in for the area’s tourism, with passengers who take the Eva Shinkansen during weekdays from 15 March – 30 June getting a special Okayama Prefecture postcard featuring Asuka.

The  “500 Type Eva Project” will be running from mid-autumn 2015 all the way until March 2017, so there is plenty of time to catch these trains when visiting Japan. Special events and limited edition collaboration items during the time of its implementation.

Here are the schedules for the train’s journeys:

Hakata Station 6:36a.m. – Shin-Osaka Station 11:14 a.m. (Kodama 730)
Shin-Osaka Station 11:32 a.m. – Hakata Station 4:07 p.m. (Kodama 741)…


Holiday at ANIME JAPAN 2016!

Want a holiday? Many of us prefer unique or exclusive areas when it comes to loitering around with the loved ones, no matter kids or adults everybody loves adventure trips with amazing and exciting tours. There are many events that are organized all around the globe and on the same hand people from different backgrounds come together and have fun. One such event is Anime Japan 2016 happening in Tokyo from the 25th to 26th of March.

It not only offers entertainment options but also the opportunities for people to connect and enroll for what all is happening in the Anime world.

Anime Japan is all about adventure, excitement, lots of fun activities, amusements and celebrations. Most of all the Anime Japan 2016 has a pleasant and an enjoyable environment with lots of ongoing activities around. With the most elaborate booths set up and stages ranging from the experiential like the Aniplex booth or those packed with WOW factor like GoodSmile Company, where the latest products are being showcased.

The Japanese anime with colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastical subjects is without a doubt, the main attraction of the event.

Want to experience a new anime world; Anime Japan 2016 is the event which shouldn’t be missed. Different stage performances and activities are being performed here, as Anime Japan 2016 is on its way, avail the opportunity and book your fast passes skipping the long procedure of standing in the queues and you can avoid any delays for sure.

The …


Girls und Panzer helps boost Oarai’s annual Spring Festival

The small fishing town of Oarai has had a very lucrative relationship with the military anime, Girls und Panzer. Since being featured as the setting for the anime, the small and sleepy town became a bustling tourist hub, with anime fans coming in to visit the various anime pilgrimage sites featured in the show.

The relationship between the town and Girls und Panzer couldn’t be more evident than its recent Spring Festival, which not only featured several of the anime’s seiyuu, but also World of Tanks, which has a collaboration with the anime, as well as several GaruPan tank replicas.

The festival hosted 80,000 people, which is an increase from last year’s attendance of 50,000, and many have attributed it to Girls und Panzer, which held a stage event featuring Kana Ueda (Momo Kawashima),  Mikako Takahashi (Yuzu Koyama), Misato Fukuen (Anzu Kadotani), Mami Ozaki (Hana Isuzu), and of course, Mai Fuchigami (Miho Nishizumi). The five seiyuu held a Quiz Show on stage, with the Oarai High School Marching Band performing to provide some background music. They also announced news about the upcoming Girls und Panzer OVA.

The event also featured a demonstration for the World of Tanks PS4 version, which itself featured a Girls und Panzer mod. The town also displayed several tanks from the anime to keep the GaruPan vibe going. Heck, the anime has even taken over buses, restaurants, Oarai Station itself, and even tractors! There were also several Girls und Panzer cosplayers present.

But the Spring Festival …


Prime Minister Shinzou Abe assures that Doujinshi will be safe under TPP

In Japan, artists, illustrators, and doujinshi creators are worried about the new Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, or TPP, which is an agreement among 12 countries in the Pacific Rim, namely Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam. However, in a a meeting of the Committee on Intellectual Property, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzou Abe, has said that doujinshi will be safe under the agreement.

Many were afraid that the agreement would deem doujinshi as non-shinkokuzai, which could mean thet “creators could be prosecuted without the consent of the holders of the copyrights they have violated.” However, in a statement during the meeting, Abe said that

“Doujinshi don’t compete in the market with the original works and don’t damage the original creators’ profits, so they are shinkokuzai,”

and added that

“So that fan-made work like parodies don’t wither away, we’re limiting [non-shinkokuzai] to things that earn profits, wholly appropriate the original work, and inappropriately damage the rights holders’ rights — they must fulfill all of these conditions.”

There, straight from the Prime Minister’s mouth, doujins are safe. His statements may alleviate the fears of a lot of people, and this means that Japan’s bi-annual doujinshi fair, the Comiket, is still safe.

The Committee on Intellectual Property meeting where Abe talked about doujinshi also tackled other intellectual rights violations, such as video hosting sites. They are “considering the disclosure of the identities of illegal website managers, the shutdown of their websites, and their removal …


Adults can now ride a new Catbus as the Ghibli Museum re-opens in summer

After a few renovations resulting to it being closed for two whole months, the Ghibli Museum will finally re-open starting 16 July! Amongst the few new attractions, there is one that everyone is looking particularly forward to, and that is the new Catbus that even the adults can ride.

Before it went on renovation, the Ghibli Museum also featured a life-size replica of the Catbus, but only children can get to climb it. After the museum reopens, both kids and adults will be able to enjoy the “Ride the Catbus to the Ghibli Forest” attraction.

Visitors can ride the Catbus for a limited time, between 16 July until May 2017, though not much has been revealed thus far.

The museum, which will be celebrating its 15th Anniversary, will also feature several attractions from Ghibli works like Spirited Away, Ponyo, Castle in the Sky, Heidi, Girl of the Alps, and even Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Academy Award-winning director and Studio Ghibli legend, Hayao Miyazaki, is overseeing the renovations himself, so expect some of the anime legend’s magic to come with the new museum’s opening.

Lawson, which is distributing the tickets for the opening in Japan, will be unveiling an exclusive website for visitors from overseas which can be accessed from 10 June.…