It would appear so in Taiwan…


Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports this week that a local advertising company promoting British Internet sport betting company Sportingbet has been raided and charged with gambling by police, shortly after the bookmaker’s founder spoke about his company on the island. Taichung-based Shijiwei Advertising was searched by detectives from the Criminal Investigation Bureau, who seized computer equipment, accounting books and an alleged list of gamblers who had opened accounts with Shijiwei. Police said the search yielded evidence indicating that the company is Sportingbet’s partner in Taiwan and has attracted hundreds of millions of new Taiwan dollar wagers from local gamblers for Sportingbet.


The company provoked the authorities’ attention when it invited Sportingbet’s founder Mark Blandford to visit Taiwan to promote sport gambling on the Internet.




Not a transparent company it would appear


Another of those small but intriguing mysteries surfaced on the message boards this week when a poster coyly using the unprofiled “handle” of VC Mediator made an appearance, offering to assist the growing number of players who are experienced problems at Prism Casino.com and its close relative Virtual Casino.com.


With a weary cynicism born of many Slot Gacor encounters with tricky casino operators in an unregulated industry, experienced players asked VC Mediator to identify himself, his “independent” company and his industry experience. His use of a Virtual Casino email address immediately raised concerns of bias.


That’s when a remarkable reticence set …


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Gandakan kesenangan Anda dan gandakan kesenangan Anda

Saya benar-benar bermain di game blackjack $2 dengan batas rendah. Saya bersandar pada penggandaan pada 10 dan 11 karena seperti yang saya nyatakan, saya cenderung bermain pada permainan denominasi terendah yang tersedia. Haruskah saya menggandakan lebih banyak ketika diberi kesempatan? Jed S.

Blackjack dengan mudah adalah permainan meja paling populer di kasino. Saya percaya salah satu alasan utama popularitas besar blackjack adalah bahwa ketika dimainkan dengan keterampilan, ia menawarkan peluang terbaik dari semua permainan kasino. Blackjack juga menawarkan dua bonus kecil yang manis. Anda dibayar setengah ekstra dari taruhan Anda pada blackjacks alami – tidak ada keterampilan atau risiko moneter yang terlibat – dan Anda dapat menempatkan lebih banyak uang pada ganda dan split yang menguntungkan.


Ini adalah split, double down, dan blackjack yang menggoyahkan permainan blackjack Anda dari merah menjadi hitam. Jangan meremehkan diri sendiri dalam situasi ini. Seperti yang dikatakan swami, “blackjack dengan keterampilan menawarkan peluang terbaik dari semua permainan kasino.” Saya tidak meminta Anda, Jed, untuk Togel hongkong memotong cappuccino, bir, atau uang saku pasangan ketika saya mengatakan itu sepadan dengan dua dolar ekstra untuk digandakan dalam situasi yang menguntungkan.


Saya meminta Anda untuk menggandakan taruhan Anda ketika peluang Anda untuk memenangkan tangan lebih baik daripada dealer. Menggandakan adalah strategi ofensif yang memungkinkan Anda mendapatkan lebih banyak keuntungan daripada yang Anda dapatkan hanya dengan memukul tangan. Mintalah saran saya, Jed, dan ingat situasi yang menguntungkan itu. Terima saya nanti dengan mengirimkan setengah kemenangan tambahan Anda.


Bagi Anda yang mengikuti kursus Perjudian 101, Anda juga …


Big bets coming in on Eagles

“We are seeing bigger bets on the Eagles being matched by a larger number of smaller bets on the Patriots, which is an interesting indicator of who the ‘sharps’ and ‘squares’ are betting on, respectively,” he wrote in an e-mail.

O’Malia said he, too, sees more and more people from the stock market moving into online sports betting.

“They are literally the futures traders of old,” he said. “ … It’s the same mentality and the probabilities change the same way. A guy who knows how to trade stocks knows how to trade sports.”

While the systematic approach of economics and arbitrage theory may be helpful, other gamblers say they rely on instincts developed over years of careful observation.

Mark Royal, 31, an examiner with the Missouri Department of Insurance, said he made $40,000 last year “shopping around different online companies and spotting bad numbers.”

“Some books don’t do a good job of staying on top of the product,” said Royal, who spoke with MSNBC.com on the condition he be identified by a pseudonym. “They don’t notice injuries and don’t notice teams that are hot. At the beginning of the NBA season I got the (Phoenix) Suns at 15-1 to win the Pacific Division and I got the Sonics at 20-1 to win their division.

Royal, who funnels much of his action through the BetWWTS.com site in Antigua, said he will probably have $10,000 riding on the Super Bowl, much of it on proposition bets. He particularly likes several propositions …


Premiership Bandarqq Betting



A new season kicks off this weekend and see’s the return of Walker’s Word. Another 10 months of non-stop top flight football action begins on Saturday with both the opening and closing matches ripe for picking a couple of shock results at great odds writes David Walker.


Saturday 19 August


Sheffield United vs Liverpool

Sheffield United make their Premiership return after a 12 year absence at lunch time, to kick off another 10 months of top flight action. The bookmakers are predicting a cakewalk for visiting Liverpool, but Blades boss Neil Warnock will have other ideas. During the 2002/03 Carling Cup, United beat Liverpool 2-1 at Bramall Lane, drew 0-0 at home in 1993/94 and beat the Reds 1-0 the previous year in the Premiership’s debut season. Liverpool may have one eye on their Champions League tie against Maccabi Haifa Bandarqq three days later which still hangs in the balance at 2-1 in the Reds favour.

Walker’s Word: A “shock” draw to go against the bookmakers @ 12/5 (Coral)



Spice and Wolf to return for 10th Anniversary

Back in February 2006, Dengeki Bunko and Japanese light novel author, Isuna Hasekura, launched Spice and Wolf, and taught a lot of people about business, economics, and politics. To celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary, the May issue of Dengeki Bunko Magazine has revealed that Lawrence and Holo are returning in a new story, which will be the first one since the light novel series ended with its 17th and final volume.

The series will return with the “Spring Log” chapter, which will be focusing on Lawrence, and a pair of a pair of travelers unwind after a long journey in a hot spring.  After that, a new story will be focusing on Lawrence’s partner, Holo, and the magazine announced that they will be continuing the duo’s story.

Other announcements for the light novel series include new 10th anniversary merchandise, and the release of an e-book omnibus for the entire 17-volume series. The magazine will also be releasing monthly short stories about the series just for the anniversary.

Spice and Wold follows the story of Kraft Lawrence, a travelling merchant, who picks up an unexpected travelling companion in Holo, a wise wolf who was the diety of a local village. The series tackled several key issues, from food and business, to politics, tradition, and religion.…


New Spring 2016 Military Anime, Hai-Furi, Teams up with the Japanese Self Defense Force

When it comes to anime partnerships, the Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF) is definitely no stranger to them, as they have previously partnered with military anime like Strike Witches, Girls und Panzer, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, GATE, and Kantai Collection. The new spring 2016 anime season also features one new military anime, and it is called High School Fleet, or Hai-Furi.

The new collaboration will feature collaboration recruitment posters and illustrations done by character designer, Naoto Nakamura. These posters and illustrations will help attract new recruits to serve the JSDF, much like their previous anime collaborations, like the one for GATE and Girls und Panzer.

Meanwhile, the naval branch of the JSDF, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF), is also actively promoting the anime about cute girls manning a destroyer.

おはようございます。いよいよ本日深夜 10日 0000i 横須賀を舞台に、海の安全を守る職業を目指す女の子たちを描く『はいふり』が始まります!https://t.co/FwVXmxghcu #はいふり pic.twitter.com/jzni3utXAZ

— 防衛省 海上自衛隊 (@JMSDF_PAO) April 8, 2016



New Cardcaptor Sakura manga by CLAMP to also get adapted into an anime

A leaked magazine scan from the upcoming July 2016 issue of Nakayoshi magazine has revealed that CLAMP’s new Cardcaptor Sakura manga, which will have its first chapter in the same issue, will also be getting adapted into its own anime. Not much has been announced, except for the fact that this new sequel manga will be getting an anime of its own.

It was previously confirmed that the mangaka group known as CLAMP will once again be doing both the art and story of the manga, which will follow an older Sakura. She is now a 1st-year middle school student, and has now graduated from Tomoeda Elementary School. However, her new middle school life is interrupted when she gets a mysterious dream, and then an incident takes place.

Previously, Nakayoshi, one of Japan’s leading shoujo manga magazines, revealed that the new manga will be a “short story”. However, it was not specified whether it will be a short series with one short arc, or a one-shot manga. But for now, we know that it will be a sequel series to focus on Sakura Kinomoto in middle school.

The group of mangaka known as CLAMP first introduced Cardcaptor Sakura back in 1996, and was serialized in Nakayoshi magazine. 2016 marks the series’ 20th anniversary, and the celebrations are only beginning as more merchandise and events are expected to be slated this year. There is also a 20th anniversary cover compilation by CLAMP, which will be released this March.…