Bakuon!! Anime Japan 2016 report

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Article adapted from LisAni! Web

The new anime, Bakuon!! will be going on air from 4 April onwards! Here we bring you an official report of the “Kokujou Bakuon” event from Anime Japan 2016, as well as the Tokyo Motorcycle Show Stage.

A report of the anime Bakuon!! at Anime Japan 2016 and the 43th Tokyo Motorcycle Show Stage

Finally, at midnight on 4 April, the anime, Bakuon!! will be airing on TOKYO MX, Sun Television, BS11! Just before the start of the anime, there were special stage events for this anime at Anime Japan 2016, which was held from 25-27 March at Tokyo Big Sight. Firstly, on 26 March,

Firstly, on 26 March, Yumi Uchiyama (the voice of Onsa Amano), and Rikako Yamaguchi (the voice of Hijiri Minowa) made an appearance on the Bakuon!! Stage at the TOKYO MX booth. They shared with the audience that after being involved in Bakuon!!, they would sometimes look at motorcycles on the road while they were driving, and have become more interested in motorcycle shops. It really enhanced their interest in motorcycles.

In preparation for this anime, they also attended some lectures on motorcycles, and even had a ride on some of the staff’s motorcycles! The staff were also a motorcycle-loving bunch. After that, the two of them challenged themselves to a game on the official website, called “BAKUON!!” Which got everyone, including the audience, rather fired up!

On 27 March, at the 43th Tokyo Motorcycle Show held at Tokyo Big Sight, Reina Ueda (who plays Hane Sakura in the anime), and the editor of the original manga, Takuo Meiji (from Akita Shoten) made an appearance on the Tokyo Motorcycle Show and JAPAN RIDERS tie-up stage event. They talked about the appealing points of the anime, Bakuon!! In front of many fans of motorcycles. Reina Ueda said that after experiencing a ride on a motorcycle, she could easily understand the feelings of her character, as well the script, much better.

As former MotoGP Racing Rider Shinya Nakano was hosting that stage event, he had the opportunity to ask the editor whether one of the characters in the manga, Kinya Nakano, was modeled after him. The editor, Mr Meiji timidly answered, “that’s absolutely right.”

At the Anime Japan 2016 Open Stage event, the four female seiyuu of the main cast, Reina UedaNao ToyamaYumi Uchiyama, and Rikako Yamaguchi, greeted a very enthusiastic bunch of fans.

They each talked about the characteristics of their respective roles, and also revealed that the motorcycle sounds events in the anime were recorded from the engine sounds of real motorcycles of the respective makers. The cast was even asked to identify the specific motorcycle after the motorcycle engine sound was played, in a game called “Bakuon!! Engine Sound Quiz.”

After much serious thought, the four cast members settled on the answer, “KATANA”, but did not get it right. At that moment, Raimu senpai (a mascot character) came on stage to reveal the answer, which was the Honda CC400 Super Four. The four cast members who answered wrongly then had to do a forfeit, which was to mimic the sound of the motorcycle engine with their voice! That got everyone roaring with laughter.

Reina Ueda then mentioned that the cast’s, as well as the staff’s love for motorcycles was really amazing, and that they were really particular about the motorcycles’ engine sounds, as well as how they were drawn. She said that motorcycle fans as well as non-fans would definitely enjoy this anime.

TV anime Bakuon!! “Kokujou Bakuon” screening event report

As Bakuon!! will begin screening simultaneously on the three channels, TOKYO MX, Sun Television, as well as BS11, on 4 April (mon) at 12 midnight, a special screening event was held on 2 April at Tokyo Ichikawa Cinema City.

Being faithful to the title of the event, “Kokujou Bakudon (The loudest sound), sound engineers were invited to maintain a high spec sound system, and the 5.1 Channel Surround Sound was used. The four main cast members were also present to have a short talk segment, and it could be seen that the fans who attended were really excited.

The event was hosted by Mori icchou, and the event opened with the screening of episode one of the anime, titled “Nyuubu!! (entering the club).” Watching the characters, Hane Sakura and Onsa Amano meet for the first time, the audience was erupting with laughter. The sounds of the revving of motorcycle engines filled the cinema, and it could be seen that Bakuon!! makes one appreciate these engine sounds, no matter if they were motorcycle fanatics or not. After the screening of episode one was over, the four main cast entered the cinema, while making motorcycle engine sound effects with their voices.

The cast started talking about episode one of the anime, and about how they specially rode on motorcycle road racers to get a feel of it. Rikako Yamaguchi mentioned that before that experience, the voice sample she gave, when her character was revving the motorcycle handle, had been too strong, and was rejected. She had thought that one needed lots of strength to turn the handle, and after experiencing it for herself, she was shocked that it did not require much strength. Nao Toyama said that she did not actually experience motorcycle riding, but had a KATANA collector show her some of his/her collection.

Reina Ueda also talked about what happened during the voice recording sessions, and she expressed that the deep revving sounds of the motorcycle were very sexy, and that they make her heart beat faster. With the character, Rin Suzunoki in mind, seiyuu Nao Toyama and Yumi Uchiyama came in twin tail hairstyle. Nao Toyama said that the only time when Rin and Onsa were getting along well was in the very first episode. “It’s amazing how people can change in a blink of an eye,” she said.

The cast also talked a little about the origin of the names of the characters, and also about how Reina Ueda always arrived in the studio a little earlier to practise her lines alone. The event was full of laughter, and looking at how the cast members interacted with each other, one could tell that they had great teamwork. The audience was also asked to give a show of hands, how many of them are actually motorcyclists, and what kind of motorcycles they use e.g. Yamaha SEROW, and KATANA from Suzuki.

Raimu senpai also appeared at the screening event as a special guest, and she was interviewed as well. Although she couldn’t verbally answer the questions, she cutely gestured her answers. A special commercial for the Bakuon!! Blu-ray DVD was screened as well, with none other than Raimu senpai as the main!

After the talk segment, Sayaka Sasaki performed the opening theme of the anime. It was amazing that Sayaka Sasaki actually took the test to get herself a motorcycle licence in order to appropriately portray the anime through the opening theme which she composed. That was how much effort and emotions she put into the song, “FEEL x ALIVE.”

At the end of the event, Reina Ueda said that the studio where Bakuon!! is recorded is really full of love, and that there is a lot of thought and effort put into each line that is being recorded. While playing the character, Hane Sakura, she puts herself in Hane’s shoes, as she lives recklessly along with her motorcycle. With her ending address, the event came to a close.

ABOUT Bakuon!!


TV Anime Bakuon!! Will be airing on TOKYO MX/ Sun Television/ BS11 on 4 April at 12am!
Animax Japan: 13 April, 10pm
Amazon Prime Video: 3 April, 12am (Episode 1), 11 April, 12:30am (Episode 2), Subsequent episodes will be on Mondays at 12:30am


Original manga artist:Mimana Orimoto (the manga is serialised in Young Champion Retsu by Akita Shoten)

Director: Junji Nishimura

Series composition: Kurasumi Sunayama

Character design: Isao Sugimoto

Sub-Character design: Manabu Nii

Design: Yasuhiro Moriki and Yoshio Mizumura

Art director: Shunichiro Yoshihara

Sound director: Takeshi Takadera

Music: Ryosuke Nakanishi

Animation production: TMS Entertainment

Opening theme: “FeelxAlive” by Sayaka Sasaki

Ending theme: “Bon! Bon! Ride on!” by Nao Toyama, Reina Ueda, Rikako Yamaguchi, and Yumi Uchiyama


Reina Ueda as Hane Sakura

Nao Toyama as Rin Suzunoki

Yumi Uchiyama as Onsa Amano

Rikako Yamaguchi as Hijiri Minowa

Unshou Ishizuka as Hayakawa

Hikasa Yoko as Tazuko

Shinichiro Miki as Rin’s father

Mitsuo Iwata as Onsa’s father

Kazusa Aranami as Sayama sensei

Azusa Tadokoro as Yume Sakura

Anime Synopsis

The elements, “Motorcycle” and “Youthfulness” blended into one full throttle anime, and this anime will go on air soon (start your engines!)

Hane Sakura, a student at an all-girls high school, was walking to school one day when she arrived at a really steep hill. She had no motivation to climb it, and along the way, she developed an interest in motorcycles. Along with her batch mate, Onsa Amano, she swiftly joined the Motorcycle club in her school, and subsequently got her riding licence. Of course, she later purchased her own motorcycle, and her motorcycle riding life starts! As the story moves on, many unusual and shocking things happen to Hane Sakura as she starts her motorcycle-riding everyday life.